How to avoid being a victim of illegal recruitment


Applying to work overseas is complicated enough, the last thing you want to happen is to get into trouble with unscrupulous individuals looking to rip you off before you even leave the Philippines. Here are 8 ways how to avoid being a victim of illegal recruitment.

8. Apply for overseas jobs ONLY from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies (training centres and travel agencies also can’t promise you overseas jobs).

7. Don’t transact with people not authorized by POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. Ask for photo ID before beginning your conversation.

6. Only transact with POEA-licensed recruitment agencies at their official place of business. A copy of their POEA license will be prominently displayed at their place of business and will indicate their agency’s name and address. If you don’t see it right away, ask for it. POEA-licensed recruitment agencies need a permit to conduct business in satellite offices in the provinces.

5. Don’t spend money taking a medical exam without a valid Job Offer from a POEA-licensed recruitment agency. Certain jobs require manpower pooling, but medical exams only take place during the application process for a work visa.

4. Check to see if you actually need to pay a placement / recruitment fee. In some places (like Canada) it’s illegal to collect fees from workers. In places like Taiwan, you can’t pay more than one month’s salary.

3. Don’t pay for any placement / recruitment fees without a valid job offer from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. If you must make a payment, always ask for a printed receipt.

2. Never make a payment for a work visa application. Work visa application fees will be paid for by the foreign employer.

1. Most low-skilled workers (including those working as domestic helpers) are exempted from paying placement / recruitment fees. Check if this applies to you before making any payments.

Questions? Call the official POEA hotline at 722-1144 & 722-1155

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