DOLE issues warning about illegal recruitment for Yukon Canada

illegal recruitment for yukon
Deputy Minister Rani Pillai and DOLE secretary Silvestre Bello III sign the Letter of Intent in Whitehorse, Yukon as Ambassador Petronila Garcia and OWWA Administrator Hans Cacdac look on.

The Philippine Government’s Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has issued a statement warning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) about illegal recruitment for Yukon Canada.


The Yukon Government and the Philippine Government entered into an agreement that would pave the way for a more effective system of recruitment of qualified OFWs for the Canadian territory.

Philippine press reported that the Yukon Government expects to bring in 2,000 OFWs a year under the agreement.

The Letter of Intent, signed by DOLE secretary Silvestre Bello III and Yukon’s Department of Economic Development deputy minister Rani Pillai, is only the start of the negotiations.

POEA suggested that the deployment of OFWs to the Canadian territory might take a while, saying that “the planned negotiations are supposed to address a number of areas, including arrangements to match Filipino workers with employment opportunities in Yukon’s labor market under the Yukon Nominee Program.”


The Yukon Nominee Program is the territory’s version of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), of which every province or territory has a version of (except for Quebec).

The PNPs allow the provincial (or territorial) governments to nominate qualified OFWs to come to Canada and become Permanent Residents.

PNPs are perceived to be faster than other immigration programs, with the added benefit of having arranged employment.


POEA is advising OFWs to check the official POEA website for valid job orders, and to report any suspicious activities being undertaken by POEA-licensed recruiters.

Below is the full text of the POEA advisory:

No hiring yet of Filipino workers for Yukon territory in Canada

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration yesterday warned jobseekers against illegal recruiters who may take advantage of the reported 2,000 available jobs in Yukon Territory in Canada.

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III and Deputy Minister Rani Pillai of Yukon’s Department of Economic Development signed on August 28, 2019 a letter of intent to establish a framework to undertake negotiations on immigration programming and pursue cooperation on human resource development between the Philippines and Yukon.

However, the governments of Yukon and the Philippines have not started formal negotiations on the mechanics of recruitment and deployment of skilled Filipino workers to the Canadian territory.

The planned negotiations are supposed to address a number of areas, including arrangements to match Filipino workers with employment opportunities in Yukon’s labor market under the Yukon Nominee Program; enhancing the system for the recruitment, protection, and placement of Filipino workers to be employed in Yukon; and a public information campaign for the Yukon Nominee Program.

The nominee program allows Yukon employers to seek foreign workers for positions that cannot be filled locally.

The POEA advises the public to verify with the POEA any reported job vacancies and report suspicious recruitment activities whether committed in person or using social media platforms to the POEA Illegal Recruitment Branch at 722-11-92 or at the POEA hotline numbers 722-11-44 and 722-11- 55. /END

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