Canadian citizenship ceremonies will be done online due to COVID-19

Canadian citizenship

Permanent residents who had applied for Canadian citizenship before the COVID-19 pandemic will now be able to take their Oath of Citizenship online, according to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

IRCC sent a statement to CBC, which said that the immigration department will be taking steps to “implement virtual citizenship ceremonies as quickly as possible”.

IRCC will allow permanent residents to submit their applications for Canadian citizenship and take part in online ceremonies.

Previously scheduled citizenship ceremonies were cancelled as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

IRCC will also allow permanent resident with a “pressing need for Canadian citizenship” to take their Oath of Citizenship online.

IRCC will make sure that the online ceremonies will be conducted in a manner that would “protect the integrity of the legal process and reflect the importance of the occasion”.


Any permanent resident over the age of 14 who meets the minimum requirements can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Canadian citizens enjoy many benefits that are not available to permanent residents. These include the right to vote in elections.

Canadian citizens can also run for public office.

Canadian citizens are also given priority over other applicants when it comes to public sector employment.

Only Canadian citizens are allowed to travel with Canadian passports, which allow travellers to enjoy visa-free entry to over 183 countries.

Permanent residents must meet the minimum requirements in order to apply for citizenship, including being physically present in Canada for three years within five years.

Permanent residents applying for citizenship must also provide proof that they have submitted their income tax returns, as well as meet language requirements in either French or English.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised that his government would eliminate application fees to encourage even more permanent residents to become citizens.

Canada has one of the world’s highest citizenship acquisition rates, with over 85% of permanent residents applying to become citizens.

To become a citizen, permanent residents must pay an application fee of CAD$530, plus CAD$100.00 for the Right of Citizenship fee.


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