Racism in Canada – Filipino nurse alleges racism from bus driver

racism in Canada

A Filipino nurse in Canada was involved in an altercation with a bus driver who wasn’t wearing a mask in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is alleging that he is a victim of racism in Canada.

41 year old Christian Don Evangelista was on the bus on his way home from Humber River Hospital when the police were called.

According to Evangelista, he boarded the Toronto Transit Corporation (TTC)‘s 165 bus on Thursday, October 8 at 2:40pm.

The Filipino nurse said that there were more than 30 people on the bus, and while most were practicing social distancing, the bus driver himself was not wearing a mask.

He had approached the bus driver and mentioned his lack of a face covering. According to Evangelista, that’s when the bus driver made a racist comment.

Evangelista quoted the bus driver as saying “You guys are the problem of this country … you need go to the hospital.”

Evangelista alleges that the bus driver also insinuated that he had mental issues.

As the altercation continued, the bus driver stopped the vehicle and put it out of service.

The bus driver reportedly ordered everyone out of the vehicle and called the police.

During the ensuing investigation, Toronto Police Service (TPS) constables asked Evangelista if he made threats to the driver. The Filipino nurse denied that he did so.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green spoke with the Toronto Sun, after the incident.

“Our operator reported that a customer approached him, complaining that too many people were on the bus, and began photographing and video recording him,” Green told the Toronto Sun. “Police were called to respond given the nature of the exchange and the alleged threat.”

An internal investigation is now being undertaken by the TTC, which requires employees, including bus drivers, to wear masks.

The union representing bus drivers also made a comment regarding the incident.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 president Carlos Santos issued a statement saying that “This specific case is still under investigation and it’s important to gather all the facts. Our union is alarmed by the reported violent threat against a TTC operator.”

Photo via @TorontoSun

Racism in Canada


CityNews spoke with Patricia Medrano, a Filipino woman based in Edmonton, Alberta, who recently had an encounter with a next door neighbour. Read more about the latest incident of racism in Canada.

The incident started when 28 year old Riley Dodd made advances at her. When Medrano refused, Dodd became belligerent.

Medrano had the presence of mind to pull out her cellphone to take a video, which she shared with CityNews.

In the video, Dodd can be seen in the hallway, kicking at the door and screaming at Medrano, who was with her two brothers.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll decapitate you, I’ll decapitate you!” Dodd is seen shouting in the video.

In the video, Dodd can be see giving a Nazi salute, shouting “Seig Heil” and following that up with “Get the fuck out of Canada!”.

Dodd is also seen in the video calling Medrano a “Filipino little bitch!”, as well as telling her to “Get the fuck out of Canada!”

In the video, Medrano can be heard telling her siblings to call 911. Edmonton Police Service (EPS) did not arrive until the following morning.

In additional cellphone footage taken from the parking lot of Medrano’s apartment building, Dodd can be heard screaming to everyone within earshot.

“You’re bringing Corona into Canada!” Dodd can be heard screaming from his window.

Speaking with CityNews, Medrano said she that the encounter left her very shaken.

“I’m already afraid, I don’t know what’s going to happen next anymore,” Medrano told CityNews. “At that moment I’m like scared for our safety, I don’t want it happen again to anyone, like no one deserves it. Like it’s really traumatizing.”

Medrano suffered bruises as a result of the incident, EPS officers arrested Dodd. EPS’ Hate Crimes Unit has launched an investigation.


A Filipino woman took to social media to express her anger after an encounter with a white woman in the latest example of racism in Canada.

Justine Abigail Yu was sitting on a bench reading a book when she was yelled at by a white woman who claimed to be a teacher.

The encounter happened at a public school in the North York neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario last Saturday, July 25.

The white woman started yelling at Yu, accusing her of trespassing.

Members of the public are allowed to enter public school property to sit down on benches (like Yu doing at the time) during non-school hours.

Schools in Canada are currently closed for the summer break.

The white woman, who claimed to be a teacher, started making racist remarks almost immediately.

“She yelled at me saying there are signs all over the space, and can’t I read? ‘Maybe you don’t speak English, go back to China where you’re from’,” Yu told CityNews in an interview.

The white woman also told Yu that “all Chinese people should go to jail.”

Yu is Filipino.

Yu did not call 911 after the encounter, instead reaching out to the Ontario College of Teachers, the Toronto District School Board (TCDSB) and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB).

The incident is under investigation by the TDSB, which has jurisdiction over the school.

According to TDSB spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz, the board is trying to determine if the white woman was indeed a teacher.

Schwartz-Maltz remarked that members of the public like Yu are allowed to enter board property during non-school hours.

Schools in Canada have been closed since March Break, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down public facilities all across Canada, including schools.

A rising number of incidents of racism in Canada has been reported by media ever since the start of the global pandemic.

Photo via @JustineAbigailYu.


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